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Trust our over 100 engineers, project managers, technicians, back-office support, and close to a century of experience in delivering results and added value in construction (HVAC, combustion, energy solutions) and preventive maintenance services.

How can we help you?

Bid & Spec

Bid and spec projects comprise a fair portion of our total construction volume; our typical projects are in the commercial, industrial, institutional and high-tech markets. We take pride in our ability to produce high-quality installations, at highly competitive prices, based on consulting engineers’ designs.

Furthermore, our experienced, engineering-oriented project managers use their knowledge to ensure that site installations keep with the intended design, allowing you to benefit from projects that are delivered deficiency-free.

We also often work together with consulting engineers, who develop performance specifications, and we complete the detailed design, collaboratively with the same mindset.


We listen to our clients and identify opportunities, which we then build, commission, and maintain to ensure long term energy savings. We do it all with:

  • In-house engineering, drafting, installation teams
  • Guaranteed construction costs unless there is a change in scope
  • Fastest delivery – always on time
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Measurement and verification where required to ensure targets are achieved

Our clients tell us that doing a project design-build with Kolostat gives them the best value for their money.

This method helps our industrial clients free up their operational and maintenance staff so they can keep their eyes on the ball.

Develop the Design and Build

The “Develop the Design and Build” program aims to assist the owner and their professionals and contractors in the design, construction, commissioning, planned maintenance, and eventually the Kolo-missioning of their building to ensure its quality and durability.

Kolostat’s experts will advise owners of the technical merits and costs of the mechanical systems proposed, for free, to help them select early-on the most suitable solution. Once the final concept is selected by the owner, Kolostat will provide a formal offer for its implementation at a fixed cost. The owner will have the option to validate the offer before accepting it.

Thanks to close nearly a century of contracting experience, Kolostat is able to commit to this price with no extras unless there is a change to the scope of work.

This program offers the following benefits: 

  • A cost determined at the conceptual phase – no subsequent extras
  • Faster project implementation
  • Peace of mind delivery through our inhouse multi disciplinary teams
  • Advanced state-of-the-art concepts in-line with budgets
  • Quality of labour
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Assurance of the continued quality of the installation with time

Fast-track should mean just that – a project that is accelerated in both the design and construction process. We pride ourselves in contributing to the success and quick delivery of any of the contractual methods, but if you don’t have the time for traditional project scheduling, we can help by using our fast-track methodology.

This means that we often start projects with a fixed price and partial drawings. We then progressively hand over the installation to you while our in-house multi-disciplined  professionals are completing the documentation. The secret is experience, great team work, effective coordination, and excellent communication.

Building Automation Systems (BAS)
Today, Building Automation Systems (BAS) are critical assets for almost every building. They are the key to ensure that the mechanical designs perform to their highest potential. Kolostat’s control installations operate on an Automated Logic Corporation (ALC) platform, one of the industry leaders in North America. By combining the power of ALC with the ingenuity of Kolostat’s multidisciplinary professionals, we are able to find innovative ways of controlling equipment to optimize both client comfort and energy consumption. Either by mobile or desktop devices, ALC gives us the ability to display and modify the control logic live through its WebCTRL® web interface, allowing users and operators to easily understand precisely how their equipment is being controlled.
Sustainable Development

For too long, “green” meant expensive. Kolostat has turned that model on its head. We design building systems that are durable and stand behind those designs with our all-inclusive service and maintenance contracts, forever.

We enjoy collaborating on projects with some of the most stringent building requirements and deliver LEED buildings that cost less than normal construction on a lifecycle cost basis. We recognize that achieving green designs and delivering green results require a great team effort.

To that end, our engineers and project managers are accustomed to taking an active role with owners to surpass expectations. We work with them as team members, to develop the concept, the systems, the control sequences, and the installation procedures. We then supply installation teams to provide our clients with innovative easy-to-understand concepts that work well,  and systems that are properly sized, operate efficiently, and last long.

We also believe that building green is beneficial only if it is operated likewise. That’s why we also provide professional service packages that optimize the life of the mechanical systems and keep them running efficiently, for years.

Energy Conservation

Kolostat’s expertise includes the evaluation of both capital and operating costs. We design and integrate energy-efficient measures into both new and existing buildings. Whether with geothermal systems, state of the art chiller plants, heat pumps, high-efficiency rooftops or even plain-old rooftops, Kolostat knows how to design efficient systems and, more importantly, deliver promised results while increasing the value of your building.

The Kolostat difference is the seamless translation of our innovative designs from paper to fully realized projects. All our team members contribute, from our in-house drafting department, who carefully optimize each ductwork fitting and the prefabricated piping spools, to our controls technicians and programmers, who bring the systems to life.

Because we have all this expertise under one roof, our team learns from each other’s successes and then work together to make the next system even better than the last.

When collaborating with building owners as partners, we are happy to review utility data, track and report on the savings realized by our implementation of these designs – and make modifications when required, so that energy savings are achieved, and utility money stays in their pockets.


Do you know what your building costs to operate? Do you know how it compares to similar buildings? Kolostat can benchmark your building and if it ranks poorly, there are numerous opportunities to make changes that can be paid for from the savings. With a proven track record, we approach the biggest challenges with the most enthusiasm.

Our engineers take a systematic approach and assess each expenditure against payback, striving to get every building to have a low total energy cost per square foot.

Re-commissioning is a re-optimization process for existing buildings that resets the mechanical systems to the original engineering design values and conditions.

Kolostat takes this one step further with a process we call Kolo-missioning®. We look at the building in its entirety, considering the current usage and comfort issues, if any, as well as the owner’s planned expansion/usage changes. We start with a room by room survey of the premises, re-engineer to those requirements and re-balance accordingly. The end result is a building that provides better comfort and operates at lower cost than before.

Occupant Comfort & Retrofit

Occupant Comfort

We don’t need charts or statistics to convince building owners or managers that thermal discomfort is a major headache – in more ways than one! Aside from losing tenants and decreased worker productivity, building managers also have to take valuable time to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Unfortunately, this is often done without a whole-building view which comes at a detriment to operating costs.

Kolostat has acquired an enviable reputation as experts who can quickly solve the toughest comfort problems. Our experience with a multitude of different mechanical systems allows us to find the best solution for your unique building and comfort issue, all without sacrificing operating costs.

When our clients are faced with losing valuable tenants due to comfort problems, Kolostat dispatches teams of mechanics and engineers and reassures the tenants with quick fixes and sincere longer term promises, promises which are fulfilled.


When building systems become too costly to operate, no longer meet current needs, or do not comply with the latest codes and standards, Kolostat is able to bring your building up-to-date with a carefully planned retrofit project.

Our experienced designers are familiar with a multitude of different system configurations, are able to guide you on what is worth keeping and what should be replaced. We work to fulfill your needs; we target only those elements that are broken and need an upgrade or can retrofit your entire building, provide state-of-the-art controls and ultra-efficient mechanical systems.

Process-Driven Applications

If you are a manufacturer or run a lab of any type, you probably have to heat and cool different materials, substances, and/or ingredients to create the perfect conditions for your production line. Kolostat has over 94 years of experience in helping companies with complex process-driven applications to save costs and improve production throughput by having innovative HVAC and process cooling/heating solutions in place.

Kolostat is a fully integrated mechanical contractor with offices in Montreal and Toronto


  • Engineering, Life cycle analysis
  • Energy Planning and Grant Maximization
  • HVAC, Piping, Combustion, DDC Controls, RCx, Energy Retrofit
  • Service: Preventive maintenance, Measurement & Verification, Continuous Cx, Certification (BOMA, LEED, Energy Star,…)



When working with Kolostat, you have the ability to let your imagination run free and let our team handle the complexities involved with engineering the perfect HVAC solution for you, clients and/or investors.  

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8+ ASHRAE Awards

Double Tree by Hilton

1st place regionally (2019)

5445/5455 De Gaspe

2nd place internationally (2018)

Ullivik Health Center

3rd place internationally (2018)

Dicom Head Offices

1st place regionally (2016)

Tour Altoria/Aimia

3rd place internationally (2015)

Complex Southwest

3rd place internationally (2014)


2nd place (2012)

Bell Canada

3rd place (2012)

3+ Energia Awards

5445/5455 De Gaspe

1st place (2017)

Complex Southwest

1st place (2013)

Bell Canada

1st place (2012)