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Adapt the latest HVAC technologies to stringent institutional requirements. Kolostat has vast experience in design-build for buildings that will be occupied by the municipal, provincial and federal government, or any type of public usage building. With Kolostat, you gain a partner who understands the complex and demanding nature of institutional HVAC requirements.

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Your trusted partner for complex projects

No matter the size and scope of your projects, Kolostat rises to meet your exact goals.

How we help institutional clients

At Kolostat, we don’t just offer “plan and spec” services for institutional buildings—we redefine them. Whether you’re a developer catering to institutions in need of rental space, or you’re directly involved in the management of institutional properties, Kolostat is your go-to design-build partner. Our expertise extends across a vast range of government and public facilities, including municipal, provincial, and federal buildings, as well as arenas, libraries, public transport hubs, hospitals, schools, agency headquarters, archive centers, and more.


Kolostat has proven itself to be a leader in the HVAC design-build industry. Whether in traditional design-build performance bids or through our trademark develop the design and build where we go beyond and meet our clients’ needs and business objectives. Kolostat then builds, commissions, and maintains our installations to ensure long term energy savings while exceeding client expectations.

We do it all with:

  • In-house engineering, drafting, installation teams
  • Guaranteed construction costs unless there is a change in scope
  • Fastest delivery – always on time
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Measurement and verification where required to ensure targets are achieved

Our clients tell us that doing a project design-build with Kolostat gives them the best value for their money.

This method helps our industrial clients free up their operational and maintenance staff so they can keep their eyes on the production.

Air Conditioning & Ventilation

Occupant comfort and energy-efficient building systems are what we specialize in. In order to meet your budget and indoor air quality requirements, our experienced professionals have a proven record to engineer mechanical systems that will exceed your most stringent demands or to work with your consultants towards the same goal.

We often help landlords retain tenants when faced with building-related complaints and turn these tenants into long term clients.

Heating, Piping and Plumbing

Kolostat’s piping team is proud to have designed and installed award winning piping systems which have saved their owners millions of dollars in energy consumption.

Almost every commercial building in North America has excess heat which needs to be dissipated year-round. While most buildings simply reject heat directly into the atmosphere, we recognize that every season of the year gives us opportunities to put this excess heat to work. Whether by tempering fresh air, heating domestic hot water, or even melting snow, Kolostat’s engineers always look for alternative ways to use or store this heat before turning to more conventional methods. We have consistently shown building owners that an investment in their piping infrastructure can drastically reduce energy costs and increase system performance.

We also strongly advocate efficient use of potable water. With today’s low water flow plumbing fixtures, we exercise special care to ensure all the plumbing fixtures work properly, despite this diminished water flow.

Industrial Expertise

Kolostat specializes in providing industrial solutions that encompass all aspects of the production and distribution of steam, hot water, and chilled water. Along with our ventilation, combustion, and controls disciplines, we look for energy-saving opportunities with a holistic approach which makes us an ideal turn-key design-build partner.

In particular, we focus on providing turnkey installations including grants and rebates applications and follow up. Our engineers are familiar with all available grant programs including among other Eco Performance program (Transition Énergétique Québec), Énergir & Hydro-Quebec grant programs. These projects can provide energy efficiency measures with paybacks as quickly as 24 months. We work in close collaboration with our clients to define mutually agreed performance targets and deliver on these expectations with our inventive designs. With our in-house engineering expertise for energy simulation, system design, equipment selection and grant applications, we are able to secure funding and guarantee successful project results.


We serve large commercial building owners as well as industrial clients to prevent costly breakdowns to their process combustion systems such as burners, dryers, boilers and heating facilities. We work with all kinds of combustion systems and fuel types, including high/low pressure steam, bunker, oil #2, thermal oil systems, micro-modulation systems and much more.

In addition to maintaining equipment, we specialize in refurbishing burners, gas train equipment, burner management systems, retubing, refractory changes – you name it. When appropriate, we evaluate and recommend when it’s time for replacement.

Many boiler plants are oversized, which causes inefficient burning as well as costly and damaging cycling of the heating systems. We design and install boiler plants that are the right-size for the application and operate them efficiently.

Control Systems

Today, Building Automation Systems (BAS) are critical assets for almost every building. They are the key to ensure that the mechanical designs perform to their highest potential. Kolostat’s control installations operate on an Automated Logic Corporation (ALC) platform, one of the industry leaders in North America. By combining the power of ALC with the ingenuity of Kolostat’s multidisciplinary professionals, we are able to find innovative ways of controlling equipment to optimize both client comfort and energy consumption. Either by mobile or desktop devices, ALC gives us the ability to display and modify the control logic live through its WebCTRL® web interface, allowing users and operators to easily understand precisely how their equipment is being controlled.

From the smallest VAV box to the most complex campus-wide mechanical systems, WebCTRL® has the speed, power and flexibility to keep systems running at peak efficiencies.


Since 1927, we have developed our operational techniques and our preventive maintenance know-how to the full benefit of our clients.

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On-Demand Consulting

On top of all our other services, we can also offer you:

  • Engineering, Life cycle analysis
  • Energy Planning and Grant Maximization
  • HVAC, Piping, Combustion, DDC Controls, RCx, Energy Retrofit
  • Maintenance, Measurement & Verification, Continuous Cx
  • Accompaniment in energy management system (EnMS)
  • Accompaniment in LEED, BOMA BEST certification
  • Energy Star certification
  • Energy Policy
  • Energy Planning
  • Energy, Water Audits
  • Power demand profile
  • Facility Energy Master Plan (if required)
  • Providing M&V tools (if required)
  • Application to grant programs
  • Billing analysis and weather normalization – monthly
  • Benchmarking (regular vs Energy Star) – yearly
  • Analyzing the power demand profile (Monthly) to determine if peak demand can be shaved
  • Assessing energy performance with respect to the baseline (on a monthly basis) to early detect any deviation
  • Reviewing systems performance via DDC (by system/global) going beyond existing service contract – quarterly
  • Enforcing agreed-upon schedules of operation & set points – quarterly
  • Energy Star Scores & (Certifications for eligible buildings) – yearly (optional)
  • Detecting operational anomalies through DDC review & analysis – ongoing
  • Attending energy committees meetings (optional)
  • Giving some energy training to assigned energy champions (Optional)

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Why Kolostat for institutional projects ?

Reduce energy costs across the board.
Our work has the ability to substantially reduce energy costs throughout your entire commercial building (make the math, it adds up quickly!). Since the onset of LEED, we have been involved in designing and executing many successful projects, several of our designers and project managers are LEED AP; we can walk you through the process and help you choose the LEED points that has the biggest bang for your bulk!
Better chance of getting grants.
Every Kolostat project is evaluated with an “energy play”, our track record shows, if we evaluate a grant is available for our clients, we end up getting it. Call our experts: we can perform a free evaluation of your project.
We're flexible and adapt to your needs.
We’re experienced in how to integrate ourselves into a global construction team (large projects) with the sole objective to collectively build the highest-value building possible.
We understand your bottom line goals.
We don’t only understand the HVAC technology and fundamentals, we understand how it more broadly affects your bottom line every step of the way. Every operating cost dollar saved goes directly to the asset value of a building (PS: how often have you heard a design-build contractor talk the same language as you?).

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