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Grow future yields by working with the latest best practices and innovations in horticulture HVAC technology.

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Kolostat can help you understand what VPD is all about and the delicate balance between the effect of a precisely controlled grow room environment and plant production yield.

Humanity has been growing stuff outdoors since the edge of time. Moving society’s food production infrastructure indoor requires mastering the knowledge to recreate the perfect environment. Kolostat’s in-house track-record has proven our ability to do so time and time again.

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Ensure you are fostering the perfect environment for your plants by working with a trusted HVAC design-build contractor.


100% Equipment Financing


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Forecast the ROI for your Facility


Turnkey HVAC Design-Build


EUGMP Certification Consulting


Lighting Optimization Consulting


Wall, Table, and Lighting Optimization


HVAC Preventive Maintenance

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