Kolostat, your partner of choice for countering COVID-19

Kolostat has developed a complete range of services and solutions to help its clients adapt their mechanical installations to the new reality imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Our personalized offer, meeting your needs and budgets, allows you to ensure the safety of your employees and clients inside your facilities. Inspired by the best ventilation practices recommended by ASHRAE (the world authority on indoor air quality) our solutions using state-of-the-art technologies will adapt your systems to generate a better indoor air quality, regardless of the building type.

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Inspection and decontamination


Review of systems operating sequences


Evaluation and proposal of filtration strategies


Upgrading ventilation rates


Definition of daily frequency of purging of occupied spaces


Adding air purification technologies such as ultraviolet lamps and ionization


Measuring and displaying real time indoor air quality statistics (see below)

Add intelligence to your air quality assurance safeguards

Kolostat can set up full-colour display interfaces that provide your building occupants with real-time visibility to indoor air quality and building health metrics in their immediate area.

Get Kolostat “Approved”

Kolostat provides stickers to all of its customers who make air quality upgrades to their ventilation systems to reduce / minimize the spread of COVID-19. These stickers inform occupants about the upgrades being made to promote better indoor air quality and thereby reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Cleaning the air you breathe

Download Kolostat’s White Paper on “How to Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality and Address COVID-19 in Buildings”

Kolostat in the News

Watch and listen to Daniel Robert, Vice President Sales and Engineering at Kolostat, explain what you can do to combat COVID-19 in your facilities.

Watch our latest webinar “Preventing COVID-19 in your Buildings” and grab a copy of our latest white paper on COVID-19.