Air Conditioning & Ventilation

Occupant comfort and energy efficient building systems are what we specialize in. In order to meet your budget and indoor air quality requirements, our experienced professionals have a proven record to engineer mechanical systems that will exceed your most stringent demands or to work with your consultants towards the same goal.

We often help landlords retain tenants when faced with building-related complaints and turn these tenants into long term clients.

Heating, Plumbing and Piping

Kolostat’s piping team is proud to have designed and installed award winning piping systems which have saved their owners millions of dollars in energy consumption.

Almost every commercial building in North America has excess heat which needs to be dissipated year-round. While most buildings simply reject heat directly into the atmosphere, we recognize that every season of the year gives us opportunities to put this excess heat to work. Whether by tempering fresh air, heating domestic hot water, or even melting snow, Kolostat’s engineers always look for alternative ways to use or store this heat before turning to more conventional methods. We have consistently shown building owners that an investment in their piping infrastructure can drastically reduce energy costs and increase system performance.

We also strongly advocate efficient use of potable water. With today’s low water flow plumbing fixtures, we exercise special care to ensure all the plumbing fixtures work properly, despite this diminished water flow.


Industrial Expertise

Kolostat specializes in providing industrial solutions that encompass all aspects of the production and distribution of steam, hot water, and chilled water. Along with our ventilation, combustion and controls disciplines, we look for energy saving opportunities with a holistic approach which makes us an ideal turn-key design-build partner.

In particular, we focus on providing turnkey installations including grants and rebates applications and follow up. Our engineers are familiar with all available grant programs including among others Eco Performance program (Transition Énergétique Québec), Gaz Métro & Hydro-Quebec grant programs. These projects can provide energy efficiency measures with paybacks as quick as 24 months. We work in close collaboration with our clients to define mutually agreed performance targets and deliver on these expectations with our inventive designs. With our in-house engineering expertise for energy simulation, system design, equipment selection and grant applications, we are able to secure funding and guarantee successful project results.


We serve large commercial building owners as well as industrial clients to prevent costly breakdowns to their process combustion systems such as burners, dryers, boilers and heating facilities. We work with all kinds of combustion systems and fuel types, including high/low pressure steam, bunker, oil #2, thermal oil systems, micro-modulation systems and much more.

In addition to maintaining equipment, we specialize in refurbishing burners, gas train equipment, burner management systems, retubing, refractory changes – you name it. When appropriate, we evaluate and recommend when it's time for replacement.

Many boiler plants are oversized, which causes inefficient burning as well as costly and damaging cycling of the heating systems. We design and install boiler plants that are the right-size for the application and operate them efficiently.



Today, Building Automation Systems (BAS) are critical assets for almost every building. They are the key to ensure that the mechanical designs perform to their highest potential. Kolostat’s control installations operate on an Automated Logic Corporation (ALC) platform, one of the industry leaders in North America. By combining the power of ALC with the ingenuity of Kolostat’s multidisciplinary professionals, we are able to find innovative ways of controlling equipment to optimize both client comfort and energy consumption. Either by mobile or desktop devices, ALC gives us the ability to display and modify the control logic live through its WebCTRL® web interface, allowing users and operators to easily understand precisely how their equipment is being controlled.

From the smallest VAV box to the most complex campus-wide mechanical systems, WebCTRL® has the speed, power and flexibility to keep systems running at peak efficiencies.

Preventive Maintenance 
avoid costly breakdowns!

Since 1927, we have developed our operational techniques and our preventive maintenance know-how to the full benefit of our clients.

Our Goals 

  • Extend your equipment’s life cycle,
  • Improve occupant comfort,
  • Reduce loss of productivity,
  • Reduce or stabilize your operating costs.

Our Process

  • Define your needs and identify the issues,
  • Analyze your installations and determine the appropriate corrective measures,
  • Proceed with a financial analysis of your current operating costs,
  • Determine the best program to serve your needs,
  • Launch your personalized preventive maintenance program.

Our Exclusive Lifetime Guarantee Program

  • When our clients opt for a lifetime guarantee agreement, they benefit from a fixed annual price for all maintenance and repair work on their mechanical systems. This valued approach helps our clients in the following 4 ways:

1. Kolostat assumes all the maintenance and repair costs, and keeps your equipment in perfect condition in order to eliminate costly breakdowns,

2. We eliminate the problems before they occur, thus maximizing occupant comfort and productivity,

3. A lifetime agreement will allow our clients to better budget their annual expenditures at a fixed price,

4. Furthermore, a well-planned preventive maintenance ensures that the equipment operates properly, thus reducing energy costs.

  • Benefiting from a preventive maintenance program on your mechanical systems is definitely part of our GREEN philosophy. Kolostat designs and installs mechanical systems, and we fully commit to operate them in an effective and optimal manner.

Service Call

One number! (514) 333-7333, option 1.

A 50 truck service fleet to better serve you.

For all emergencies, we are available 24/7 and will provide a quick and professional service.

Whether your problem is related to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, piping, combustion or controls, one of Kolostat’s licensed technicians will solve the situation diligently to ensure that your equipment is functioning properly.

Our speedy service will minimize slowdown of your employees, tenants and/or your operations or any discomfort resulting from the improper function of your mechanical systems.

Experience the Kolostat Difference!